About Michelle Newhart

Dr. Newhart is a sociologist and author who specializes in the study of medical cannabis, health behaviors, midlife and older adulthood, and social movements. 

An avid methodologist and educator, Newhart has coauthored Understanding Research Methods (2017), a versatile textbook on social science research methods. Organized in brief learning topics, this book aids beginners by breaking down topics into manageable chunks. This text also makes a good supplement to support graduate research or those refreshing skills in applied settings because it follows the organization of a research project through all phases.

Newhart has presented her research at professional sociology conferences including the Pacific Sociological Association and the Midwest Sociological Society, as well as at multiple medical cannabis professional conferences and events (Marijuana for Medical Professionals, Cannabis Nurses Network Conference), patient and advocate conferences (Patients out of Time, Americans for Safe Access), and on podcasts and radio shows. She started an informal group called Cannabis Research in the Social Sciences (CRITSS) where researchers can share information, offer work in progress, and post opportunities about research on cannabis and society. 


Newhart's background includes teaching college-level sociology, editing books and developing content over two decades for several publishers including Rowman & Littlefield, Ed Rosenthal's Quick Trading Company, and Cengage Learning. Newhart currently works as an instructional designer in higher education and lives in southern California where she continues to carry out sociological research and writing along with her husband, William Dolphin. She spends her spare time riding bikes and spending time with her stepsons and dogs. 

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